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Ready for Spring, anyone?

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So like, raise your hand if you're D O N E with winter! That's a big hell yeah from this girl. 
I always say that fall is my favourite season but man, I don't know, there's something about spring. I feel like when the weather starts to get warmer and the ice starts to break up it's almost like a sense of relief. Kind of like I take a big exhale, anyone agree? It's like those cold, dark days are behind us and we have the freshness of spring and summer to look forward to.
So NOW! How do we incorporate that feeling into our homes? Well it's one of my favourite things to do!
I always start with a good deep clean. I find when the sun is out you can reaaallllyyy see where all the cat hair collects in my house lol. 

I also use cleaning as an excuse to reorganize and rearrange furniture. Which for some messed up reason is like my favourite thing to do. Like can't I have a less physical hobby? I somehow always turn into The Hulk when I need to feed my addiction of rearranging a room. But it really is a great way to add a freshness into your home for spring. I love that with the new season comes a new layout.
The most obvious thing that I do to make our home feel more like spring is to add greenery. Now, I have a cat that eats plants. So, I have become like the Queen of faux greenery because of that. Also, let's be real, would I actually be able to keep a plant alive? That's where faux plants are a life saver. I really try to hold myself back though because you can go from trendy crazy plant lady house to like LEGIT crazy plant lady house in a heartbeat. So my rule is to keep the greenery where I would actually keep a plant. Meaning somewhere where the sun would hit it and a real one would actually live. I think by doing this it stays intentional and purposeful instead of like a weird cluttered jungle. I even fake it outside! Check the photo below to see how I add an instant summery vibe to our back deck.

Another little sneaky thing I do it make it feel more like spring is to replace the framed photos in our house with more colourful ones. (Maybe not "colourful," I'm a BIG time lover of neutrals) but I add more of a summery feel with photos that have some greenery in them. It instantly freshens it up and gives the space life again.

Another thing I want to play around with this spring and summer is incorporating some gardening accents in the house. Kind of like bringing the outside in..literally. I'm on the hunt for little terracotta pots, more plant misters, vintage gardening tools, etc. So keep an eye out because I'm sure that those finds will make their way onto the shop!

One more thing. I have a confession. My name is April Allen and I am obsessed with wreaths. I just can't get enough. I am sitting in my living room right now and just from the couch I can count 7 wreaths in my sight. Like I need to tone that shit down. But I just can't. I love it, there's something about a wreath to me that just says "home." And like..Joanna Gaines loves them too, k? 


So, I am in no way and expert on home decor. I'm just a girl with a shopping problem who loves to make a house feel like home. I hope that this inspired you to add a little life back into your long after that cold ass winter! Like let's to drink to spring please!!!

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