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Like can I make up my mind already?!?!?!

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Oh my goddddaaa you guys! Like can I ever figure it out?! First I deliver, then I'm doing local pick up only and now I'm switching back to delivery. Like who am I?! 


As much as I hate to come across as this wishy washy, can't make a decision, type of person, I honestly just have to switch back. As I said before, I actually like doing the deliveries but the way I was doing it before just wasn't realistic. So I decided to switch to local pick up. And like um what? I have two large dogs, two cats, and a palm to the face or what. So needless to say, the local pick up wasn't the best option for me. I did enjoy meeting so many of you in person but like it was a bit stressful when my son was having a meltdown and my dogs were barking like crazy hahah my god. And I know that is real life and we all have crying babies and barking dogs, but I think it was just the added anticipation of people coming over that was too much for me and not knowing exactly when. After all, I am totally the definition of an extroverted introvert, true hermit over here. If we didn't have animals I honestly think it would be so much easier but like, they're super snuggly so totes worth it.


So we went on vacation and I told myself by the time we got home and I dove back into Dwell & Co. I would have a solution. And I think I do. 


I was putting pressure on myself before when I was doing the deliveries to have them out the next day. I just know that when I order something from a company, I want it like basically yesterday. If some of you don't know this, I am a hairdresser by trade, and fun fact; hairdressers are often known for having the personality trait of being "people pleasers" and like that's a hard yes in my case. I just want you all to love everything you buy from Dwell & Co. and I want the cherry on top to be that it's at your door the next day. Buuuutttt after all, this is a small business run solely by me. There's only one of me and it's just not possible. I know that you all already know that but this is something I've had to tell myself over and over again. So I am asking you all to yet again, bear with me as I figure out how to run Dwell & Co. solo. I swear I'm like super close to getting it lol. 


SO! Where am I going? In the words of the great Elle Woods, "I have a point, I promise!" So, my plan is to only do local delivery, no more pickup. I will have TWO delivery days a week which will be posted on Instagram every week. As much as I hate to type that and believe me I would love to have like 5 like I was doing before, I just can't. I'm honestly looking forward to getting back into the deliveries, as a new-ish Mom, it's like my little "me" time where I can crank the Mariah and drive around in peace, it's the little things hahah.


So thank you all for being supportive and like I said, I'm so close to getting the hang of this! 





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