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Scared Shitless

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Well. Here I am. Ready to reopen Dwell & Co. tomorrow morning.

...and I find myself sitting in my little office/storage room in my house with a nervous stomach. This is definitely a feeling I don't think I expected. Why am I nervous? We have been running Dwell & Co. since 2016, right? The keyword there is "we." There's something about doing this alone that is horrifying. And I mean I know I'm not "alone" like I have the most supportive, helpful and motivational husband. My Mom, and the rest of my family is so encouraging and of course my circle of friends is unreal. They offer to help me pack orders, they come to my house to take the delivery boxes off the doorstep when I'm not home.. like legit the best.

But the fact is, I am now the sole owner and operator of this business. So if it fails- it's on me. If I don't break even-it's on me. If you guys don't connect with what I purchased-it's on me. No one, but me. That's a scary feeling. But, as I've learnt in past- if what you're doing doesn't scare the shit out of you, then it's probably not worth doing. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself in this situation. Growth doesn't come from comfort zones, right? Right.

So yes, after a long, long summer and fall, I am ready to open. Please bear with me guys as I am starting small. I will however be placing orders almost every week to keep getting new stock in and keep changing things up. This brings me to my whole entire point of this blog, I want to state my vows to you guys. My husband and I have been married for 6 years and together 11 and something I always go back to whenever times are difficult or whenever he is annoying the shit out of me are our vows. I love the idea of stating what my goals and promises are out loud, or in this case, in writing. I think it holds me accountable and brings me back to why I fell in love, or started a business, in the first case. So here they are:

1. I vow to write one blog a month

2. I vow to place multiple orders a month for new stock for you all.

3. I vow to listen to you and take suggestions. If there's a product or a trend you're really into, let me know! I can shop around and see what I can bring into the shop to make you happy.

4. I vow to let you guys into my life a little. As a  young hairdresser I was always taught to be SO professional with clients but I found when I let my guard down years later, and was actually myself, that's when I became the busiest and connected with my clients the most.

5. I vow to be super active on my Instastories to show you guys close ups of new product and how I style it on myself or in my home and allow social media to actually be social. 

There. 5 is good right? ..don't want to over exert myself here. So even though I'm scared shitless, I really am so excited to start our journey together and just like thanks in general, for everything-for the support and for reading me ramble on and on about how scared I am.  So Thank You all, my fellow Dwellers.







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