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Well as you can see, I've really failed at this one blog a month thing. But it's so fricken hard! Whenever I'm doing something around my house, the thought will pop into my head quick that I should take photos and blog about it but then I convince myself that no one actually cares lol and just go on with my day. But I forced myself today to slow down and actually do it because in the beginning I told you guys I would, so look at me go. And maybe one person will find it useful and be inspired, who knows?!

So I recently realized that this is like a legit hobby of mine, what I'm about to talk about. I could and kind of do, rearrange the decor in our house all day long. I love it, I love finding a new home for something that I have maybe looked over before. I love a fresh look where there was something that I was bored of. I just love change so much, so therefore, naturally, I am a HUUGGEE fan of the seasonal changes. Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, I love them all and love to create a whole new, fresh vibe in our home.

Like many of you, fall is by farrrr my favourite season. The crisp air, the sweaters, the scarves, the leaves, the pumpkin spice lattes, I love all of it. I even have specific movies [like a complete weirdo] that I watch to put me in the mood for fall. Like, I can't be blamed though, I was literally born and raised in the pumpkin capital of Alberta okay? It's in my blood lol. So this morning I lit my Cedar + Spice candle, put on my new fave album at the moment [fricken amen to The Highwomen...anyone else??] and puttered away at removing all the greenery from summer and adding some warmth and texture in for the new season.

My goal for my fall decor is just that-add warmth. Our winters in Northern Alberta are seriously bone chilling so I always want our home to be exxxxtrraa cozy in the fall/winter. Years ago, I would literally just add pumpkins and orangey leafy garlands everywhere I could. But over the last few years I started to focus more on not going so cliche "fall" but just warming it up. Focusing more on feel and not look...if that makes sense? lol

So I add wooden elements basically anywhere I can, whether it's cutting boards or wooden picture frames, I put them all over. Texture is also a big one for me. I put out extra throw pillows, add furry blankets where I usually don't have them, and add things like little knitted baskets and accents to the decor. And of course, candles. I put out more candles than I had out during the summer months and start to turn our fireplaces on and get them ready to be used everyday. I typically don't have any bright colours in our home as I am a die hard lover of neutrals, but if there is anything slightly bright, I do take it away and add more earthy, nature inspired colours. I try to "bring the outdoors in" ya know?

I typically go by the "no room is ever done" rule with home decor in my house. So as the fall weeks go on and I get new Dwell & Co. stock in, there will most likely be some changes and additions to these looks. 

I also get asked what I do with my decor items when I'm not using them so I included two photos below of the bins that I keep all the seasonal stuff in and they live in the garage when they're not being used...basically so my husband doesn't kill me :)

Let me know if this even remotely helped or inspired you to give your home a little love. I hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by!

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