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Welcome Back Dwell & Co.!

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Here we are! Back and ready to open soon. You are probably wondering where the hell we have been. Well, I figured it's time to give you all an update on Dwell & Co.

Last February, I (April) had a baby! My husband and I welcomed a fresh little baby boy named Boone and it honestly has been so amazing, the hardest thing I've ever done, but so amazing. So I took some time to figure out how to raise a human and become who I am now as a mom, that was also a bit of a challenge.

Caroline relocated from Fort McMurray to Canmore in June. That was also such a huge change for us. Not only were we business partners but we are also best friends, so that was definitely hard not living down the road from each other. She spent her summer in Quebec and Ontario taking some much needed time off and visiting with her family. 

While she was there, she kept seeing so many high end baby shops that were so beautiful and she couldn't get them out of her head. At that time, Dwell & Co. was closed for the summer for a quick rebrand session and she pitched the idea of the baby shop to me. Of course, having a new baby I was so excited to say yes and we got the ball rolling. So, behind the scenes, we changed the name of Dwell & Co. and we were both excited to move forward. We sourced out new brands and companies, changed our colours, logo and website. 

This fall, Caroline's health issues that she was suffering with all summer finally caught up to her and her Doctor recommended she take all the time she can for herself and really focus on getting better. So, very sadly, she had to take a step back and leave our business. I am sad to see her go as my business partner but we are friends first and I just want her to focus on herself and her health and get better! We are still very close and on great terms.

So, of course, I had a little mini breakdown as I think anyone would, right? Freaked out, panicked, but then slept on it (thank you Mom for always telling me to sleep on a stressful situation and reassess in the morning) and saw it completely different in the morning. As obsessed as I am with home decor, I knew I couldn't let Dwell & Co. go. So I revived it, I brought our little business back from the dead! I just love making my home feel like home and I feel the need to spread that for some reason. I also decided to carry some accessories which is apart of the new "lifestyle" section and some baby goods as well.. mainly cause I have the cutest little model now!

So, that's what's been going on with us and that's why we were closed for so long. I wanted to be honest with you all and let you know what is up and why I'm running the shop solo now. So I'm going to start small, because well, I'm scared hahah! So please bear with me but I feel like I got this! kind of? No, I got this! Fake it till you make it, right? Yes! 

Thanks for all of the support everyone!

Still yours in home decor and pretty things, 

April xoxox

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